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Your Hiking Adventure Awaits.

The Sugarloaf Mountain stands high above the valley formed by the Little Red River. Trail access is off of AR Hwy 110 E. just past the Heber Springs Folklore Society Building.

The Summit Trail which leads you to the base of the summit is the most difficult to negotiate because it is quite steep. There are, however, rest areas along the way. An extraordinary trip through nature on the ascent to the summit.

The newest trail is the Tonawanda Base Trail, meandering 1.3 miles long around the base of the mountain. It is of moderate difficulty with some small hills and occasional uneven footing. Ongoing improvements are done by The Sugarloaf Heritage Council in partnership with ASU-Heber Springs.

The Hidden Pond Trail is easy, being relatively flat, with good footing and a picnic table near the pond. There is also a 90 foot wooden bridge with seating along the way.

Bring your camera and a picnic lunch.