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Trumpeter Swans

The largest population of Trumpeter Swans in the southeast United States decends in an area just a few miles east of Heber Springs annually, November through February.

Go east on AR Hwy 110 from the intersection with AR Hwy 5 and 25, just east of Heber Springs. When you have gone 3.9 miles, you will see Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, which will be marked with a white sign. Begin looking for a very small sign at a paved road, turn left onto Hays Road. Magness Lake is about a half mile down.

You can view the swans from a public roads, and parking spaces are available in an S curve of the road. Shelled corn is the only feed recommended for the swans. The view is spectacular.

In the winter of 1991, three trumpeter swans arrived at Magness Lake. Considerably off their normal path in the Midwest. It is believed they were blown off course. They have grown significantly in numbers since that time and the count is now around 300. 

Three to four in the afternoon is the best time to see the greatest number of swans. Earlier in the day they are likely to be off finding food, however there are always swans on the pond from November through February.

Swans of all ages can be found on Magness Lake, but the ones with brownish or grey feathers are the younger birds; as they age, they become more white.